Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prudence as Napalm Girl

Even 40 years after HAL conned the world with Napalm Girl, blaming Vietnam on the "Universal Soldier" and getting out with tail between legs, Taymor has been careful in dealing with that issue.

Here for the record is my own Michael Moore "doco" style proof of the FRAUD.
You can take this as you wish and it seems all 12,000 viewers of it on Utube simply did as the German people did in WWII, ie just put head in sand and watched Ellen Degenerate [sic] comin outa her closet.  Here is German version from Nuremberg Testimony of Justice Janning:

"My counsel says we were not aware of the extermination of the millions. He would give you the excuse we were only aware of the extermination of the hundreds. Does that make us any the less guilty? Maybe we didn't know the details. But if we didn't know, it was because we didn't want to know."

Whatever, HAL herself seems to have agreed with me as Utube was required to "Terminate With Extreme Prejudice" my account of all 130 movies uploaded.

But I am still foggy on some of the analogies here and will return after watching Lady in the Water, as I feel there might be a connection, knowing how deep is M Night S.


OK, have just watched Lady in the Water and although that Myth is also of Vietnamese origin [in Night's imagination] it does not specifically address the issue here, BUT a bit of Googling did in fact reveal an ancient NORTH Vietnamese Art [still practiced today]  of Water Puppets [please look it up on UTube to see some examples].

So in this movie the girls are shown doing a normal Water Dance but their clothes have been "ripped off" [including panties as in Napalm Girl to get attention from J Doe] to signify that Napalm Girl was in fact a Hollywood style gig using an American born Vietnamese girl, the reason Prudence in this story is "from the Midwest", to make connection to Dylan's God on Our Side.

I will think further on this but it seems Taymor is referring to the fact that the puppet masters [behind the curtain] are simply the normal farmers etc and when they complete a dance the puppets simply fall into the water, SO she seems to be simply making the point that by the American soldiers killing the parents of the kids, then the kids can't survive, hence we see the puppets [the nude girls] fall down and die in the water.

This interpretation of course explains Max in the water, as he too is just a puppet [or in fact the Buffy Sainte Marie Universal Soldier] of HAL "with God on HAL's side", hence Max lying in water as a crucifix and the Huey making another crucifix as it flies over him.

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